Our Wikibase Team

Our team consists out of leading Wikibase experts.
Our combined skills include software development, hosting, data modelling, system administration and the GLAM domain.

Jeroen De Dauw Thw Wikibase Team

Jeroen De Dauw

Wikibase developer

Part of the original Wikidata team and core Wikibase developer. A long term Software Architect at Wikimedia Deutschland. Created the first commercial Wikibase hosting and the first third-party Wikibase extensions.


Karsten Hoffmeyer The Wikibase Team

Karsten Hoffmeyer

Wikibase platform expert

Karsten has extensive expertise in all things MediaWiki, the platform on which Wikibase is built. Karsten has over a decade worth of experience with wiki consulting and helped over 200 clients.


Morne Alberts

Wikibase developer

Morne is an elite MediaWiki developer with several Wikibase extensions under his belt, for instance, Wikibase Export. He is also the maintainer of Chameleon, the widely popular responsive MediaWiki theme.

Lozana Rossenova

Data modelling expert

A digital designer and expert in data modelling, information architecture and user experience. Lozana is very familiar with the GLAM domain and extremely active within the Wikibase community. Learn more.


Tobias Oetterer

Wikibase Platform Expert

Tobias is a well rounded MediaWiki expert. He is an experienced wiki administrator, has set up multiple wikis and has created his own MediaWiki extensions. 


Iván Hernández-Cazorla

Structured Data expert

Iván is specialized in cultural heritage and digital humanities. He has been providing both MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki services for many years. He is also active in the community and is familiar with Wikidata.

Las Palmas

Wouter Rademaker

Wiki expert

Wouter has been working with MediaWiki for over 15 years. His experience includes constructing and maintaining wiki farms, system administration and Semantic MediaWiki.

The Netherlands

Julie Boschat Thorez

Wikibase Platform Expert

Julie’s main focus is the cultural sector in which she has worked with archives and libraries. Her skills include the setup and maintenance of Wikibase and Wikibase training programs.

The Netherlands

Stephan Gambke

Wikibase Platform Expert

Stephan is a veteran wiki developer. He created several extensions and is the author of the popular Chameleon skin. Stephan has been involved with the structured data in wikis for over a decade.


Sandra Fauconnier

Data modelling expert

Sandra is an art historian with over two decades of experience with digital projects in the cultural sector. She worked as GLAM specialist for the implementation of structured data on Wikimedia Commons.




We are searching for more talent! If you are looking to join the Wikibase team, have experience with MediaWiki, Wikibase, Wikidata or DevOps, contact us. 

The Wikibase Consultancy is a collective of Wikibase consultants and is run by Professional.Wiki.

Thw Wikibase Consultancy

The Wikibase team have Helped

German National Library

We are working with the German National Library on their structured authority data, to increase accessibility and interoperability. This makes Wikibase attractive to the ~1000 institutions using the GND.


We have completed various projects at and for Wikimedia. This includes creation of Wikidata, development of the Wikibase software, contributions to MediaWiki core and creating MediaWiki extensions.


Rhizome champions digital art and culture. It was an early adopter of Wikibase and has been using the software since 2015. We have developed the Wikibase Local Media extension for Rhizome.

Ministry of Culture

We are helping the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture and related GLAM institutions with Wikibase adoption. As part of our engagement, we have developed the Wikibase EDTF extension.

Photo Museum Antwerp

We are managing the Wikibase of FOMU and continue to advise them on how to build out their infrastructure. FOMU describes different types of photographic paper in their wiki.

Kunstmuseum The Hague

We upgraded and are now managing the Wikibase of The Hangue Kunstmuseum. This includes QuickStatements, the Wikibase Query Service, Lua, and more.

The Wikibase Consultancy Misson

We strive to accelerate adoption of Wikibase and to provide the best professional services available from our Wikibase team.

The Wikibase Consultancy Values

We like open source and open data, and have a strong track record of contributing to the community.

In our work we care about quality and sustainability, while remaining pragmatic. We aim to build long term, win-win collaborations with our clients. The Wikibase team will provide sustainable solutions and holistic services.

Thw Wikibase Consultancy

Our Wikibase Extensions

Enhance your Wikibase with one of our highly integrated Wikibase extensions. Or commission us to do Wikibase development of the highest quality for your project.

The Automated Values extension lets you define rules to automatically create labels and aliases based on statement values. It was released in 2022 and created for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

Wikibase Local Media allows you to work with images uploaded in your own Wikibase wiki. This was one of the most requested features by the community, till we created the extension in 2020. Wikibase Local Media is included in the official Docker releases curated by Wikimedia since Wikibase version 1.35.

Wikibase EDTF adds support for the 2019 EDTF standard to Wikibase. EDTF stands for Extended Date Time Format. We created this extension for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture in 2021. It is included in the official Wikibase Docker image releases since Wikibase version 1.36.

Semantic Wikibase allows you to use your Wikibase data in Semantic MediaWiki. This gives you access to embedded visualizations, autocompletion in forms and more. We created Semantic Wikibase in 2020 and it is still somewhat experimental.


Our GND extension is a domain specific Wikibase utility for the German National Library. It allows importing of GND PICA+ exports as well as querying and visualising structured documentation. We developed this Wikibase extension in 2021

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