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Our Wikibase services

The Wikibase Consultancy is a collective of consultants, operated by Professional.Wiki. We deliver for our customers a seamless transition to Wikibase, with a team made up of a leading group of international Wikibase experts.

Managed hosting

Save time and money by letting our experts take care of the infrastructure.

Software development

We create Wikibase and Wikidata tools, visualizations and integrations for you.

Wikibase setup

We set up a Wikibase at your organization or work together with your IT team.

Workflow integration

Get the full benefits of Wikibase. We help you integrate it into existing workflows.

Data modelling

We create a solid ontology inside of your Wikibase that follows best practices.


Rapidly bring yourself or your employees up to speed with Wikibase via our training.

Advice and support

Do you have specific questions or need high level advice? We have you covered.

Data Import and Export

We import and translate data from your existing systems or external sources.

Wikibase hosting

Setting up Wikibase and keeping it running smoothly is not a walk in the park. Save time by letting experts take care of the infrastructure so you can stay focused on providing value in your domain.

Software development

The Wikibase Consultancy includes leading Wikibase developers. We can take on projects from creating visualizations on top of the web API to making large changes in the core software.

Wikibase setup

Setting up Wikibase can be challenging and your IT department is likely not familiar with technologies such as BlazeGraph. Let our experts take care of setup so you save time and can rest assured things were set up properly.

Workflow integration

Need help integrating linked open data into your internal workflows based on relational or other more traditional data management approaches? Our experts can help you design and implement workflows that efficiently connect your existing digital infrastructure with a Wikibase instance and any required third-party frontend applications.

Data modelling

Switching from metadata structured in relational databases to LOD can be challenging both on a conceptual and practical implementation level. Let our experts work with your data management team to devise the best approach to modelling your data as LOD, following established international standards or developing custom approaches needed for the unique requirements of your knowledge domain.


Wikibase is a very powerful system, but it can be challenging to understand all its possibilities without training from experts. We offer training on managing your own Wikibase instance, working with the software interface, understanding Mediawiki-specific interactions, and uploading your data into Wikibase via manual or automated approaches.

Advice and support

We offer advice and support throughout your journey of adopting Wikibase as a data management tool in your organization. If you’re unsure if Wikibase is the right choice for you, or what Wikibase features and extensions you’ll need, we can provide accurate and fair advice with guidance.

Data import And Export

We important data from your existing systems or external sources. This can be bulk Wikibase importing or first include cleanup and translation via tools such as OpenRefine.

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